The majority of students attending UTEP are first generation college students who never dreamed, even a few years ago, that they may attain an undergraduate degree from a university. Today an increasing number of UTEP students are realizing that their talents are well-served by enrolling in graduate school. With more than 78 master's degree programs and 19 doctoral degrees available at UTEP, students have many new opportunities to expand their horizons and increase their earning potential.

Your financial support will help fund endowments for student scholarships and fellowships and for support services that enable our graduate students to complete their degrees. The assistance will help fill the financial gap that often exists and prevents students from seeking advanced degrees. As the University moves towards becoming the first national research university in the U.S. with a 21st century student demographic, your generous financial contribution will have a profound impact on a student's life as it will help him or her focus on his or her studies.

Additionally, when you invest in UTEP's graduate students, you are helping to:

Our transformation into a National Research University will also require the recruitment of more highly qualified graduate students, who, while achieving their educational aspirations, play a critical role in supporting faculty in teaching and research. Graduate students provide high-level technical support in our laboratories and help mentor undergraduate students. Your assistance will help us recruit them.

We are ready to do more with your help.

At UTEP, we are gaining momentum day by day as more research dollars are being invested in our laboratories and classrooms by government agencies and corporate foundations. However, private gifts from individuals are crucial to ensure a positive return on this investment through the transfer of those research dollars into high-paying jobs in technology, engineering, biomedical sciences and the healthcare professions.

This is a very exciting time to be a UTEP Miner! Your generous contribution will help establish UTEP's global presence on the regional, national and world stages and demonstrate our capabilities as a preeminent international model for urban, public research universities.