The administration and staff of the Graduate School leads the institution's efforts in fostering the success of a graduate student population that is truly representative of the American 21st century demographic by recruiting and admitting outstanding individuals from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds to programs with high academic standards, providing opportunities for professional development and scholarly production, promoting timely graduation and competitive placement, and celebrating graduate student accomplishments along the way.

The Graduate School administration works alongside the UTEP community to communicate the ever growing importance of graduate education and research in regional and national economic development, ensure continuous improvement of academic programs through periodic self studies and peer evaluation, maintain fairness and consistency of graduate catalog policies and procedures, plan for and implement new interdisciplinary programs that will prepare future generations of experts and leaders, and value the role of faculty and student diversity in graduate program innovation and competitiveness.


The Graduate School of the University of Texas at El Paso will be nationally recognized as a student-centered model of excellence in graduate education by offering outstanding scholarship, innovative research activities, effective professional development, and exceptional administrative support to graduate scholars representing the American 21st century demographic and whose academic and professional contributions will have regional, national, and global impacts.