Sergio Vargas photo

Sergio is a doctoral student working under the guidance of Dr. Craig E. Tweedie from the Biological Sciences department and has maintained a 3.9 GPA over the course of 5 years while being enrolled in the Environmental Science and Engineering PhD program. His passion for education and the natural environment led him to pursue and earn a bachelors degree in Environmental Science, which ultimately triggered his early research interests. His higher education and research focus has been on observing landscape ecology of Arctic ecosystems in northern Alaska by using remote sensing techniques such as Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) and satellite imagery for monitoring and quantifying seasonal and interannual trends of landscape vegetation communities.

Sergio has contributed his scientific findings to a series of national and international peer reviewed journals and conferences in an effort for continued support to the regional understanding of Arctic ecosystem structure and function. His short-term plan is to complete his dissertation and graduate with a PhD during Fall 2015, while his early career goal is to attain a post-doctoral position at a research driven university, national research laboratory or government agency in the areas of environmental science or engineering, remote sensing, landscape ecology and photogrammetry. He plans to apply his skills towards contributing to developing sustainable environmental practices for conservation and mitigation of changing ecosystems by using cutting edge innovative technological advances.

The Natalicio Fellowship is a competitive award process, providing $10,000 for support of the final stages of dissertation preparation.